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Nombre:She figures 2006. Women and Science: Statistics and Indicators

She Figures 2006 is the second publication of selected EU employment statistics disaggregated by sex and supplemented by certain other complementary data, which provide illuminat- ing perspectives on the current employment situation of male and female scientists and researchers. The series was launched in 2003 by the Women and Science Unit of the Directorate General for Research in order to establish a rolling record that would be useful in mapping progress towards gender equality. The She Figures booklet follows the format of another DG Research statistical publication, Key Figures, which looks at investment and performance in the knowledge based economy, including data on human resources in R&D. Above all, it was intended that the series would provide systematic evidence of gender imbalances for which policy intervention might be appropriate at EU and/or at Member State level. A subsidiary aim was to promote the collection of sex disaggregated statistics for a wide range of indicators. She Figures 2006 presents a number of analyses that were not available for She Figures 2003. There are, however, still important gaps in the data presented here, but the patterns of horizontal and vertical segregation by sex are strongly present in all of the evidence analysed.

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