Detalles para Monitoring progress towards Gender Equality

Nombre:Monitoring progress towards Gender Equality

Estudio realizado por Lut Mergaert para la Comisión Europea en 2008.

"This report presents the results of the study ‘Monitoring progress towards gender equality in the Sixth Framework Programme’ for the activity areas ‘Citizens and governance in a knowledge- based society’, so-called Priority 7 (Social Sciences and Humanities) and the related ‘Support for the coherent development of policies’ actions, including the Priority 7 relevant ‘policy-oriented research’; as well as the ‘Science and Society’ activity area.
The study aimed at providing an assessment of the mainstreaming of gender in the conception and management of the programme and projects, the participation of women in the programme and projects and the extent to which the EU-funded research in the above-mentioned fields meets the needs of both women and men and contributes to an enhanced understanding of gender issues."

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