International Congress for Women in Mathematics 2014

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The International Congress for Women in Mathematics 2014 (ICWM2014) will take place in Seoul on 12 and 14 August 2014, bringing together women mathematicians and their supporters from around the world.
The meeting on 12 August will take place in Ewha Womans University. ICM2014 opens on 13 August and the programme of ICWM2014 on 14 August is partially integrated in that of ICM2014, and occurs at the same place, COEX.
The programme includes plenary lectures by: Laura DeMarco, Isabel Dotti, Jaya Iyer, Motoko Kotani, Hee Oh, Gabriella Tarantello and Donna Testerman, a panel session Mathematics and Women: different regions, similar struggles, a poster session on 12 August, and the ICM Emmy Noether lecture by Georgia Benkart on 12 August, followed by a reception at ICWM Night. Transport to the ICM welcoming reception on 12 August will be provided.
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